FTCo. Refractometer Salinity Calibration Solution

Many hobbyist believe that the only way to calibrate refractometer is by using reverse osmosis/distilled water. That fact is usually true and is certainly appropriate for routine calibration, but it assumes that the refractometer was manufactured correctly and have not been damaged since manufacturing. As refractometers used by hobbyist become less and less expensive (with many now selling for less than $30), there is every reason to believe that they may no longer be accurate.

The only way to be sure that a refractometer gives correct information is to compare its accuracy against a pre-mixed saline solution. All refractometers should be checked in this fashion when purchased, and again any time there is a reason to be concerned.

  • Conductivity: 53.0 mS
  • Salinity: 35 PPT / 1.0264 SG
  • Refractive Index: 1.3394 at 25°C

Place 2-3 drops of the solution on the pism of your refractometer and it should read 35 PPT/1.0264 SG (specific gravity). If not, adjust your refractometer acording to manufacturer's directions.

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